Privacy Policy

OHM-E+LIGHTPLAN respects and protects their urser’s privacy

Information gathered during operation processes will be used to the exclusive goal of the right functionality of OHM-E+LIGHTPLAN group’s services.

OHM-E+LIGHTPLAN group will not sell or share the users’ personal data to third parties without previous consent by the data owner. OHM-E+LIGHTPLAN group commits vows to protect your privacy and this Privacy Policy establishes the kind of information we gather and defines its use by the OHM-E+LIGHTPLAN group.

OHM-E+LIGHTPLAN group does not sell, rent or lend our newsletters contacts, registers or use details to anyone. However, the safety of Internet information cannot be 100% ensured and thus, OHM-E+LIGHTPLAN group will not take responsibility for any damages or safety breaches while Internet is accessed.

This website uses Google Analytics services, a web analysis tool by Google. Google Analytics uses the known cookies, small text files sent to your computer while you visit a website. These are afterwards sent back to the original website in ulterior visits, or to another website that recognizes those cookies. Cookies work as a memory unit of a website, allowing it to remember your computer anytime you visit the website again. Cookies may also store your preferences, improve your user experience, and choose advertisements that are most relevant for the user. For further explanation on cookies, including which ones were installed in your computer and how to manage or delete them, please refer to rfc6265.

If you have sent personal information to OHM-E+LIGHTPLAN group and you wish to alter or delete it, please send an e-mail to:

Please note that this Privacy Policy only applies to OHM-E+LIGHTPLAN group’s website. Our website may include links to other sites that we do not control. These links may be included to improve our site’s user experience. OHM-E+LIGHTPLAN group will not take accountability for safety problems that may occur in these links.

OHM-E+LIGHTPLAN group has the right to change this document whenever necessary.